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Best Skills gives you the convenience of dealing with one contractor for all your flooring, tiling and waterproofing needs. We also specialise in laying underfloor heating and ensuring proper insulation to minimise heat losses. As a result, your floors will stay warm during colder months while keeping your energy bills low.

Pixel perfect design

We are addicted to perfection. When it comes to floor design, we ensure consistency throughout the surface.


Our team lays out a proper plan to avoid installations mistakes, as well as save time and money.

Advanced Equipments

We feed our addiction to perfection with advanced equipment and that delivers accurate results with minimal clutter.

Commercial and Residential

We provide waterproofing and flooring solutions to offices, retail stores, as well as rented and owned houses.

Eco-friendly products

Not only do we use advanced equipment but also source low-order, eco-friendly products to give you sustainable floors that last for decades.

Accredited Staff

We have on board a team of experts that values your time and money and delivers on promises we make.

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Best Skills is an expert providing waterproofing, tiling and flooring solutions for properties of all sizes. We source top-quality, low-odour products from New Zealand’s leading supplier, Ardex, and make sure all installations are done to the highest standards.

Water damage is a common sight in bathrooms that lack proper waterproofing. You may initially ignore a leaking water fixture but be aware that it can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.Waterproofing is the easiest way to prevent moisture from damaging your property.

Why risk your hard-earned investment when the preventative solution is just a phone call away? Give us a call anytime to book an appointment.


Waterproofing that lasts a lifetime

Waterproofing is a one-time investment that protects your property from water damage for the rest of your life. Lack of waterproofing in bathrooms or other moisture-ridden areas tend to decay with time. Since the damage is irreversible, you will have to loosen the purse strings for the complete refurbishment, which sometimes equates to losing a fortune.

With waterproofing, you can prevent the damage altogether and protect your space from moisture infiltration.

Whether it’s installation, repair or regular maintenance if there’s anything we can help you with, feel free to get in touch with us.

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